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Paradigm Academy is a one-month free training program where trainees are taught core theories and get the chance to implement through global accounts hands on experience. Besides getting an experience certificate, trainees are shortlisted as high priority candidates for any vacancy at Paradigm.
As a digital marketing specialist, you’ll be introduced to social media platforms, digital advertising and reporting. You’ll also learn more about content creation and how to implement content strategy. You will understand how a business should treat their fans, reply and engage with them and how to deal with crisis management.
Paradigm Academy also includes training for social media graphic designers. You’ll get to know how to make a creative design for a post, follow up with graphic designs trends, create videos, and learn how to get the best out of a photo shoot for a product and use it on our pages.
Come and Join Paradigm Academy, we guarantee a worthy experience that will definitely add to your portfolio, and a chance to join Paradigm team.